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  • Musaion - národopisné muzeum, Praha
  • Podskalská celnice na Výtoni, Praha
  • Přístavy na Vltavě (Karlův most), Praha
  • Přístavy na Vltavě (Čechův most), Praha
  • Muzeum hlavního města Prahy, Praha
  • Ctěnice - zámecký areál, Praha
Even in the capital there are trails of traditional culture, crafts and ways of living hood. Visit Ethnographical museum, exhibition Musaion in Clacissist Kinský Summer House in the Kinský garden in Prague 5, which is dedicated to traditional folk culture of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. The permanent exhibition, nominated on the European Museum of the Year award in 2007, presents everyday life in the country and festive moments of a traditional village in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. In the areal you can find small unique timbered church of St. Archangel Michael from the 17th century, transported to Prague in care of National Museum in 1929 from Subcarpathia. Do not overlook small wooden belfry from Valašsko Region as well as baroque wayside shrines from Žižkov. Museum also offers an opportunity to create craft products in workshops under the guidance of folk craftsmen and experts in traditional crafting methods. Take a walk along Vltava and take a look at last remainders of the ancient settlement Podskalí. The Podskalsko customs at Výtoň awaits you there, which is a building of former customs, that is along with small Baroque, originally parish, church the last preserved remainder of the Podskalí settlement. The present building remained on the level of the original build-up area and is situated close to so-called výtoniště (place, where the toll used to be collected). It is a late Gothic building from the 16th century, largely timbered and plastered, decorated with a sandstone emblem of New Town district in 17th century. Beauties of Prague can be afterwards savoured during the steamboat cruise on Vltava. An interesting option can surely be a cruise on one of two historical steamboats, which cruise the waters of the river Vltava. These are Vltava and Vyšehrad steamboats, which are the last paddle wheel steamboats on Vltava.
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