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  • Tourist information centre, Havířov
  • Museum of Těšínsko, Český Těšín
  • Třinec Ironworks Museum, Třinec
Discovery of a black coal in Těšínsko Region in the end of the 18th century, along with foundation of the Třinecké ironworks in 1839, became one of the main turning points in the region development. Rich deposits of the iron ore, sufficiency of a water energy and seemingly inexhaustible wood supplies in Beskydy led to an opening of the ironworks in Třinec. A charcoal blast furnace was built, the iron ore mining launched in nearby municipalities and the charcoal production in forests. Discovery of the black coal only supported a development of the ironworks and its mining has influenced this region till these days. Follow a history of the mining and metallurgy trail, that marked the whole landscape so much, and visit Havířov, Těšín and Třinec.
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