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Traditional manufacturing

Wafers and biscuits manufacturing

A cloth weaver Kašpar Melchior Baltasar Fiedor, who settled down in Opava with his wife around 1840, baked the first sugar wafer in Opava in the half of 19th century. He was a qualified cloth weaver and the wafer making was just a source of some extra money. However, his delicacies became so demanded, that his hobby totally pushed away his cloth weaver business. After Kašpar's death, his wife Amálie with their son Theodor's help continued in producing sugar wafers. In 1880 they shifted to a machine factory production- till then, wafers were baked in baker's ovens. They laid a foundation of one of the most successful bakeries in our country. The company produced cake wafers, biscuits, crisp bread, gingerbread and tea biscuits for entire Austria-Hungaria, Silesia and Halič. The assortment has gradually expanded and the company soon had more than 40 trademarks.

The scented tradition has been continuing till these days and round biscuits sweet smells in every household.
Let your senses wonder over the unique gems of Moravia and Silesia and enjoy them to the last detail.

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