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Carnival procession with a bear

During the carnival so-called „fat Thursday“, everyone should eat and drink as much as possible, to remain strong for the entire next year. That is why zabijačka (pig slaughter) and carnival entertainment, with plenty of food and alcohol drinks, were held often. So-called „mužovský bál“, a ball which only married men and women could attend, was held in many villages on Monday. The carnival culminated on Tuesday, when there parades of masks, including walking a bear, took place. The bear walked around all buildings in village. In front of every building there were both carols and small theatre with strict rules performed.

The carnival processions and the evening entertainment are still held in Lipník nad Bečvou, Veselíčko, Hlinsko, Bohuslávky, Osek nad Bečvou, Dolní Újezd, Lhota or Týn nad Bečvou. Let yourself be dragged into Haná's atmosphere and your senses will experience unforgettable moments.

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