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Quiet beauty of horses

Enjoy with all senses grace and elegance of a famous Old Kladruby breed of both black and white horses. Tradition of breeding this famous breed has already started in Kladruby in the 16th century and these warm-blooded horses are bred entirely for ceremonial purposes. That's why one of these horses was given to a royal new weds Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton as a wedding gift. Visit also a castle stud farm Slatiňany and its Hippology museum, and you will find out everything you always needed to know about horses.

If your senses need a bigger adrenalin rush, try to experience phenomenal and within the European continent the oldest horse race Velká Pardubická Steeplechase. So far 123 years has been run since 1874, the most successful horse in the history is chestnut horse Železník and of the jockeys, legendary Czech jockey Josef Váňa managed to win eight times.

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