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Mines under Kutná Hora and its vinicity were spread on an area of 32 sq km. Local history of mining dates since 985, but the real silver fever burst out at the close of the 13th century, when king Václav II. Issued the royal mining code, centralized coin mintage in a central mint in Vlašský dvůr, and issued the "Prager Groschen" (coin). Vlašský dvůr served as „ central royal mint“, nowadays it's open and you can get acquainted with functioning of a medieval mint. Experience an atmosphere of a dark medieval mine thanks to Czech Museum of Silver. A 250m long tunnel of a former medieval mine awaits you. You will surely be impressed with Královské stříbření Kutné hory (The Royal Silvering of Kutná Hora, 20.-21.6. 2015), when the whole city comes to live with a fictional story of an arrival of the Czech and Roman king Václav IV. with his court.

The tradition of mining in Kutnohorsko Region has endless number of impulses for your senses. Let yourself be carried away by them.

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