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„I feel very happy here,“ wrote Antonín Dvořák from his stays in Vysoká u Příbrami to his friends. Neo-Renaissance mansion in Vysoká u Příbrami, large park, small lake Rusalka, villa Rusalka and gorgeous surrounding landscape used to be places of inspiration of a composer Antonín Dvořák during more than 20 years of his creative life.

This area is inseparrably connected with a mature and supreme period of Dvořák's composer work. He composed, started or finished more than thirty new compositions and many older compositions rearranged and remade.. At Christmas in 1796, in local church called Povýšení sv. Kříže in Starý Rožmitál, pipe organ started playing and for the first time, the words ""Hej mistře“ sounded. Czech Christmas Mass of Jan Jakub Ryba, who used to play local pipe organ, was probably performed right here for the first time.

Can a landscape captivate a man even more and inspire his senses? Set out to inspiration and test your senses…

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